New to monogame and can't reload a saved project

Ok I have visual studio 2010 installed and just installed the latest monogame.
I create a new project “monogame Windows project” .NET Framework 4.

The project is created and I can compile and run, and then I get the blue rectangle screen.
This is fine.

So then I close my project and then I attempt to load my project back in.
Then visual studio complains and gives me 3 options.
Retarget the project to .NET framework version=v4.5.
Take me to the framework download site.
Leave the project as unloaded.

If I choose any option it eventually loads, but won’t compile and gives me lots of errors. It can’t even find the xna namespace, even though it compiled and run the first time.

The reason I downloaded monospace is because I have an old XNA game I wrote and I want to modernise it with new 3d models, but I am not getting very far with monospace so far.

Any help would be appreciated.

That’s weird. You might want to try a newer Visual Studio version.

What does it say?

Sounds like you’re on the wrong forums :stuck_out_tongue:

Requirements have changed ‘recently’ i have had the same issue.
I m stuck with. Net 4.5.1 or 4.0 no way to get the 4.5 installed.
@asimov try installing the extension ‘target framework migrator’ it allows to change many projects’ . Net framework with one click.
But i dunno if it is available for vs 2010 though