New to Monogame - Collision with Tiled?

Hey everyone! New to Monogame and… well new to a lot of things actually. But I’m really unsure about how to implement collision with Tiled (I’m using TiledSharp, but this is just practice and can use anything else if it’s easier?)

After messing around with a few things, I’ve made a little demo to practice animating sprites and making a level. I figured I’d try out Tiled as it’d be a valuable asset if I could get it to work.

I have a working game so far, with WASD animated movement on a Tiled map split into layers. I am struggling to find any guides or documentation about how to do collision exactly. Is it possible in monogame extended or is it iffy? I’ve had a go on my own, but it’s a bit hard going.

Any advice about how to do top-down collision systems? Is there a guide somewhere? People must have made a game with monogame that uses tiled, so hopefully someone can point me to somewhere :slight_smile:

A quick google pulls up some similar questions as well as a more theoretical approach.

I’m SUPER sorry for not getting back to you, but you actually did help so thankyou very much. I’ve been going through a lot lately, unrelated to this, and I just completely forgot to check back.

Have a good day!