New To MonoGame, Need Help With Setup (Xbox 360)

I know my way around C++ and java (mostly java). Written a few small programs and a one level 2d top down view game in java just to see if i could do it.

My kids have been asking me to write something like it for the xbox 360. But I have no idea how. There seems to be a lot of out dated info out there. Use XNA don’t use its dead bla bla bla… It’s not the coding I need help with but the setting up for xbox.

I’ve only ever run from my pc. I use code blocks for C++ and Eclipse for java so I have no clue how or what to set up for xbox 360 or even how to port it over.

So then I read some place use MonoGame and that is how I got here.

So if anyone knows of any walk through or can help me get things set up I’d appreciate it.

Thank you for your time.

  1. MonoGame does not support Xbox 360
  2. XNA does support Xbox 360, you should probably be able to use it
  3. Both XNA and MonoGame are C# game frameworks
  4. XNA is dead, but still usable, especially for something like Xbox 360 since it’s also dead