New to Monogame, use Framework (Nex, Monocle) or Not?

I’ve been reading about monogame this week, I’m planning to make a 2D platformer as my learning project.

is it better for me to use framework like Nez or not?

I used Unity for couple of years, and never get into coding details and just some basic stuff. I want to try Monogame to enhance my coding skill, and knowledge about C# and programming in general (which there’s a ton of stuff that I didn’t know).

I want to hear your suggestion, cause framework seems to be prepared and less raw.

Imho I would suggest going without a framework first.
Learning how to efficiently do e.g. tilemaps and particles can be fun and you will improve a lot more than with a framework.
In short:

  • Without framework: More frustration - More satisfaction
  • With framework: less frustration - less satisfaction
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Okay, now I got my answers. I was thinking the same thing but I’m not sure.

I feel like using the framework defeat the purpose of learning low level API like monogame.

Thanks for the answer.

Are you from Indo? #oot
Well, i think if you want to take deep undestanding monogame first, then dont do with those framework

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Message me if you want to talk xD

Thanks for the reply tho. I’m still dissecting monogame bit by bit. Jumping from unity really hits me hard with all of this code. But I kinda like it

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