New to programming, aspiring to make a fighting game

So this is kind of a passion project, I am a high schooler who didn’t learn anything in programming class, and I want to make a fighting game. To my knowledge, no 2D fighters have been made using Monogame, so I’m kind of in the dark here. I’m impatient when it comes to fulfilling a dream, so can someone set me on the right track here?

MonoGame is quite heavily oriented towards programming, so having not learned anything in programming class you may struggle with jumping straight into a 2D fighting game.

While it would be expected that I would push for you to use MonoGame, I don’t want you to get disenchanted when it all seems too much. Popular game styles such as 2D fighters are always a lot more complex than they first appear. If you really want to make a 2D fighting game, have you looked at something like M.U.G.E.N? Get some experience with that, and then perhaps move into a more programming heavy task.

When searching info about MonoGame projects you need to include XNA as well:

XNA projects are easily portable to MonoGame. So not only it is possible, you might even find some samples on the internet.

MUGEN is possibly the most restricted “game creator” available, the base game cannot be changed, only characters can be. I’ve explored it.

Making even a “simple” fighting game can take a long time, especially if you’re learning to code at the same time. MonoGame is a fantastic toolset but you may want to consider using something “higher level” to start. If you’re not happy with Mugen, check out CocosSharp ( or FlatRedBall ( Both are open-source, based on MonoGame, and have pretty good communities.

If I were you I would grab Unreal Engine 4…

Since you don’t know much about programming I would recommend that you start making games with something like MUGEN or GameMaker for starters.

It’s a 2D fighting game… unless you want to torture people I wouldn’t use Unreal Engine for it. Also most people who are on MonoGame forum probably want to use C#, so saying Unity3D would have made a lot more sense.

He said he doesnt know much about programming… so I offered him way that will require next to non programming for Indie fighting game as he will do what he needs using Blueprints in UE which is by far best way to implement functionality for someone who doesn´t know any specific language or programming at all. Unity with c# in this case doesnt make more sense in anyway, quite opposite.

And what was that about torturing people? Honestly what is your actual experience with Unreal Engine?

Also he said he is impatient, given UE tools it is pretty much fastest way how to achieve decent, visible results (given the fact he don´t want to use things like MUGEN).

Not gonna lie, I totally forgot about Blueprints…sorry… also since I am Linux user I don’t have much choice on which Game Engine I can use so I’ve been stuck with Unreal and c++ for some time now(for 3D Games). Godot is promising, but not there yet with 3D support.