New Win-project: tips to maximize Linux portability?


I am going to create a Monogame based app for Windows, but I want it to be as easy as possible to also release it for Linux. I know Monogame is cross platform, but I’m betting there are some things I should know about to not make it harder than it should?

I think my best bet is to start with the MonoGame.DesktopGL package and work from there (I know Monogame quite well, I just always used the DirectX version)

It there anything else I should be aware of, or (not) do to maximize compatibility?



Personally, i have had a very good experience when it comes to cross platform development with monogame (Desktop Linux and Windows). I also used the project template you mentioned above. Be careful with external libraries you use. For networking lidgren works on linux and windows to me. Plus, all the .NET stuff (except .Core). Currently it seems that I have an issue with myra on linux.

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Hi again

in earlier days I have been running MonoDevelop with Monogame (see my origin post in this forum). By doing this you know quiet fast if it works or if it doesn’t. Another good library I have used cross-platform is farseer physics engine.

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