Newbie question, hide/embed output assembly DLL's?

Hello. First of all, I’ve done countless research on both embedding framework DLL’s into a main .exe from VS2010 and the resulting DLL’s when compiling a MonoGame game.

Basically, whenever a game is compiled in VS2010’s “XNA” using MonoGame, a lot of assembly DLL’s and XML files are generated in association with MonoGame.

It is very understandable that these files are required, but no offense, they look quite messy in the game’s files. A lot of SharpDX, Lidgren.Network and IgnoreMe assemblies that is.

Is there any way to hide or embed these?

Thank you very much in advance.

Download the source code for monogame and all the dll files and include it in your project…
or create a self extracting archive that extract the game to temp folder with all the dll files and launches it…
or even better, don’t do it