Newbie Question - Running Different MG Releases side-by-side

Can i run two versions of Monogame at the samt time? I want to download older 3.6 version so I can follow along with a book on learning C# by prgramming games.


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Yes, I have 3.6 and 3.8 installed on my machine :slight_smile:

My samples are still in 3.6, and my new shiny engine is in 3.8

Hi @Dominic_Maciocia Welcome to the Forums!

Funny, I am just starting to read this book too, but I will be using the latest release, partly so I can ask for support from the wonderful people here, and learn new skills and techniques… and because I will have to use the latest at some point lol…

Just get started with 3.8, I am sure not many issues will arise and if they do, just ask here!

I started yesterday, still reading the TOC, yes, I read the whole thing [It’s like fourteen pages long…]

Happy Coding!

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I updated your thread title; it would help to include your topic subject in the title for others to find them in future.

Code On!

Hey MrValetine, not sure wether to make another post on MG comminity about this. I’m folliwing along with Kyle Shaubs MG tutorial on Udemy. He loads a map made in ‘Tiled’ app into the MGCB editor and builds it using a monogam.extended package for Tiled. He is using an older version of Monogame (2017) and older MG aswell i think, maybe 3.6 or 3.7 latest. monogame crashes when i try with newest versions of MG and VS.
Do you have any experience with this issue?

Not the one to ask about that, make sure you use the Extended tag when creating the topic, make a new post recommended.