Nez blurry sprites

As you can see an entity with a sprite render component is noticeably blurry. This also happens with text UI. I am using Nez.MG38 project and have tried Batcher.UseFnaHalfPixelMatrix = true; and Core sampler state is set to point clamp but that doesn’t fix it.


This is also accompanied with not being able to set the window size using the constructor like so:

public Game()
	: base(1280, 720) { }

This might indicate a faulty installation of Nez but I wasn’t able to fix the issues… any help?

I don’t know what Nez is but this might help with the second part:

In mongame 3.8 you can no longer set the resolution in the constructor - you need to do it in Initialize().

protected override void Initialize()
_graphics.PreferredBackBufferWidth = 1024;
_graphics.PreferredBackBufferHeight = 768;


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Sometimes it can be blurry if you don’t round your positions before drawing.

I know this isn’t a Nez forum, but, I ran into this exact issue and just found a solution that worked for me. First, I have Monogame installed via Nuget and it’s version 3.8 (important part). When I added Nez as a reference to my project, I followed the documentation and added [Nez Root]/Nez.Portable/Nez.csproj as described. But, when using Monogame 3.8 you want to use the [Nez Root]/Nez.Portable/Nez.MG38.csproj instead.

I hope this helps someone!