Nez on Android?

Hi, I’m trying to setup Nez to work on Android but running into some issues. What I’ve done is: Create an OpenGL desktop project, add Nez.Portable to my solution, add a reference of Nez to my GL project, then I created a new Android project and deleted the Content folder and Game1 class, added a reference of my GL project and Nez to the Android project.

Now I’m getting 2 errors:

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error Project '..\..\..\Users\eee\Desktop\Nez\Nez.Portable\Nez.csproj' targets 'net451'. It cannot be referenced by a project that targets 'MonoAndroid,Version=v8.1'. Splines.Android

`Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error NU1202 Package System.Drawing.Common 4.5.1 is not compatible with net451 (.NETFramework,Version=v4.5.1). Package System.Drawing.Common 4.5.1 supports:

  • monoandroid10 (MonoAndroid,Version=v1.0)
  • monotouch10 (MonoTouch,Version=v1.0)
  • net461 (.NETFramework,Version=v4.6.1)
  • netstandard2.0 (.NETStandard,Version=v2.0)
  • xamarinios10 (Xamarin.iOS,Version=v1.0)
  • xamarinmac20 (Xamarin.Mac,Version=v2.0)
  • xamarintvos10 (Xamarin.TVOS,Version=v1.0)
  • xamarinwatchos10 (Xamarin.WatchOS,Version=v1.0) Nez C:\Users\eee\Desktop\Nez\Nez.Portable\Nez.csproj 1

the reference of the Nez library is .net framework 4.7.1 up
and this is a Discord server about Nez - MonoGame, welcome :slight_smile: