Nintendo platforms?

Hi, does MonoGame port to Nintendo platforms?

I saw some articles about Wii U support, but can’t find any confirmation. Also, it seems that Axiom Verge is ported to Wii U (great game) and Stardew Valley (another good one) coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.

I’d like to try out making Nintendo-ish games in future. Also, one of my Internet friends is actually developing good looking title with MonoGame, and it might have some potential for Wii U / Nintendo Switch.

Thanks, and keep up the good work with MonoGame, our savior from Unity :heart:

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There is nothing we can say about Nintendo platforms at this time. Axiom Verge was ported by another company that offers a porting service. We would definitely like to be on more console platforms, but can’t confirm anything at this time.

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Wii sold over 100 million units.
Wii U only sold over 10 million units.
3DS is over 65 million units.
Switch isn’t even out yet, but it should at least do five million units…

Best MonoGame can do is use the Wiimote on PC:

If not that, you can look into dumping MonoGame into Unity and then using Unity to gain access to Nintendo’s platforms. But that codebase probably hasn’t been updated in a few years.

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Thanks for answers, I’ll stick to PC on my projects for now.
Btw, how does Xbox One / PS4 developing work? There doesn’t seem to be Projects for them in Visual Studio 2015.

That’s because you need a dev kit, so it’s not accessible to everyone. UWP offers an exception to this. You can get your UWP game running on XBox One without a dev kit, but it runs in a sandboxed environment with limited access to hardware resources.

About Xbox One, you can run your UWP project on any Xbox console through Dev Mode without any issues which is great!
Yes, there is resource limitation but for many indie games that is more than enough. I am porting my game Raining Blobs to Xbox One like this. They are constantly improving the UWP partition and in a month or so it will be more feature rich. I am waiting on it to be able to integrate with Xbox Live.

Take a look at the game running on Xbox with no issues:

And this is with 16 players at once with no hiccups:

Unless your game is not too demanding and you write decently optimized code, I recommend using UWP especially if you are not very experienced with game development. And very soon UWP will be even better.

Also, the store doesn’t separate native games from UWP games.


I think this is an affirmative answer.

We can now confirm support for Nintendo Switch. Same as PS4 and Xbox One (not UWP), you will need to be a registered Nintendo developer to get access to the port and have a devkit to do development. Also note that it is not a case of write C# in Visual Studio and run/debug it directly on the devkit. We use a C# to C++ transpiler to generate C++ code from the built C# assemblies and build that generated code with the native C++ toolchains for the platform.


@KonajuGames I take it the XBOX side is we only have access to the transpiler when an XBOX registered developer, correct?

So I suppose the ideal path is Develop it for PC first, iron out any bugs [apparent ones anyway lol] and then if not already owning an XBOX ONE, purchase one and join the creators programme?

I assume hd rumble is fully supported?

At the moment it supports the features required for the game ports currently in progress. More features will be added as required.