Nintendo Switch joy-cons


I’m working on a Nintendo Switch project (puzzle game) and for now I’m working on PC until I get the devkit from my publisher.
I need to anticipate the inputs support with the joycons so I have some questions.

  • Will monogame consider the left joy-con and right joy-con as separates controllers? (I assume yes)
  • How can I detect which one is the left one and the right one? Because I’d like to be able to use both with the grip, I need to identify the left/right.
  • Can I emulate the switch behavior and detect the controllers with Monogame if I connect 2 joycons on my PC through bluetooth?

Thanks for your help.

You might need to go to the Nintendo developer forums. AFAIK we’re “not allowed” to talk about Nintendo development outside their sanctioned forums. You should talk with your publisher about getting access to the forums. If they can get you a devkit they can probably get you access.

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As monogame basically being cross-platform I would assume, that using the GamePad class would also work for Switch? It has a playerindex variable in the methods you can use to select which players input you query

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I understand. I’ll get the access from my publisher (I was, myself as indie dev, not accepted by Nintendo).
By the time, I’ll try with some Joycons on PC.