No geometry shader yet in 3.6?

No geometry shader yet in 3.6?


hopefully we can get geometry shader work soon

From what I understand, the shader aspects require a lot of work, but I could be wrong…

But then again it could be on the roadmap for the coming year…

But then again… Each platform may use shaders differently? Which if the case, creates some degree of complexity…

Can a shader not be added by the extension side of MonoGame? I should mention I am not yet acquainted with the extensions side so I am unaware of any limitations it may have… But just a thought, maybe it will be slow if using that aspect?

Is there no way the community can help with it? We have some experienced users I am sure, who may be able to help with the code… No?

The blocker for geometry shader support is MojoShader. Geometry shaders could be implemented for DX and it shouldn’t be too hard to do. I think it’d be easy to define a common API for DX and OpenGL, but someone who has worked with both should provide some input on that part. 2MGFX, the shader build system that MG uses/maintains should be extended to support geometry shaders and some changes to the runtime would be needed for binding the shaders.

Well, MonoGame is maintained by ‘the community’ :stuck_out_tongue: But if anyone is up for helping out that would certainly be appreciated. They’d have to familiarize themself with the inner workings of shader related stuff in MG. If anyone is up for it, start by looking at GraphicsDevice, Shader, ConstantBuffer and the Effect* classes.

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I have Frank D Luna’s book on DirectX 11, been thinking to get the one on 12 but as it is strictly C++ I am unsure if there would be any use… [I have the DX11 one in both Kindle and Physical book] but I figured it can still be useful for shader related information… so I may grab the DX12 books at some point…

I know about the Git repository stuff but it is not something I wish to get acquainted with at this point… and my coding ability though advanced, is not mature enough yet… perhaps after my third game release I will have more confidence to delve deeper…

But that is a good list to focus on I guess?


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Which one is the MojoShader’s site of MG ? ? ?

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The second one is just a C# wrapper. MG uses custom PInvoke code:

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As a lazy pseudo lurker who desperately wants geometry shader support, I applaud these efforts.

How one can add features to mojoshader (like geometryshaders) if no sourcecode ? Where is it ?

The link is the page of MojoShader. But rather than extending it we’ll replace it with something else.