No mobile application template in Monodevelop

Hi everybody, I’m new and I was just about to start but I had a problem and now I need your help.
I’m trying to solve it in these days, looking everywhere on the internet but I can’t make it work!
I’m running linux mint 18.
I installed the latest monodevelop 5.9.7, and monogame 3.5 downloaded from the official website.
It managed to get new templates from the monodevelop menu but I only have desktop project and library projects, in total 4 different templates.
Then I tried to install the add in from the monodevelop menu, with an archive I found on line but can’t recall where. But this didn’t help.
I was trying to follow the first tutorial to develop a mobile project on the xamarin website, and they show a lot more templates on the menu.
Now the only thing I need is to get the Universal Monogame Mobile Application template.
At this point I’m not even sure it’s supported on linux. If it is, can someone please help me?

Xamarin does not support Linux therefore MonoGame doesn’t support any Xamarin projects (Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Mac) on Linux either.

Thanks. So just to be clear, on linux I can only develop for desktop and use windows for mobile projects, right?


There technically is a way to get MonoGame Android development done on Linux, but it’s way too complex, and you wouldn’t get any type of IDE integration.

Well I think I’m gonna use win since I have a both on my laptop. But maybe if you like to share it could be helpful for someone else searching for this on the internet. I don’t think I’m gonna use it because for language like C# and java I like to have at least autocompletion from an IDE.
Your decision. Meanwhile thanks again!