No MonoGame 3.2 templates in VS 2013 Pro update 2

Hello. I want to learn MonoGame, but I faced a problem from the very beginning. I don’t see MonoGame templates in VS after installing MonoGame from here MonoGame 3.2 for VS (I checked all checkboxes in installer, including VS 2013 templates).

I will be happy if somebody will help me. Thanks in advance.

My “New Project” windows in VS

It is odd how we are seeing this intermittently as we have been unable to replicate the issue.
Will do some more testing the next week or so.

Alternatively if you are on Windows, you can also use the NuGet “MonoGame” package which includes the project template components for using in blank solutions.

I solved my problem. MonoGame installer puts templates in folder which VS is using as default(in my case “C:\Users\Roman\Documents\Visual Studio 2013”). In VS I’m using not default settings for projects/templates location and because of it VS didn’t see templates after installation.