No option to create a MonoGame IOS/Android App in VS 2017

I’m using visual studio 2017 community, I installed MonoGame for visualstudio.
I saw somewhere that there was an option to directly create a IOS/Android MonoGame app But I don’t have that option.

So I created a “MonoGame shared project” with namespace “MG”, I added a “MonoGame Android Project” with namespace “MG.Droid” and a “MonoGame IOS Project” with namespace “MG.IOS”.

I remove the game1.cs file in IOS and Android Project as I wan’t to add those in the shared project. But The class is not detected and when I try to compile for android I get the error:

`Error	CS0246	The type or namespace name 'Game1' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)	ARMG.Droid	c:\Source\Repos\MG\MG.Droid\Activity1.cs`

I’m not familiar with using namespaces so maybe I made a mistake ?

The structure is like that:

|__Shared Project with MG namespace
| |__Game1.cs
|__Android project with MG.Droid namespace
| |__Activity.cs
|__IOS project with MG.IOS namespace