No Sound on My Steam Games

A couple users so far have told me that my games on Steam (Boot Hill Heroes and Boot Hill Bounties) have no sound whatsoever. These are XNA games ported to Monogame using 3.0 (I think). What could possibly be the issue here?

I’m really not an expert on this end of development so if I can provide more information please be specific.

GL or DX?

Are there users that it works fine for?

For those having issues, what are their system specs? What version of Windows? etc…

It’s only been two users so far. Works for everyone else.

It uses XNA so I thought it would be DirectX but I’m not actually sure. So I’m looking into that. Is there an easy way to find out? It’s using Monogame 3.0

I will ask the users for System specs and windows versions. What specific specs should I also ask?

Well, are they doing something as dumb as having their audio muted? Do they have the latest audio drivers? What kind of Audio Device do they have?

You could also try to get a copy of their Event Log in Windows and see if there are any exceptions with your app or from the Audio System.

If it’s only 2 out of a lot more, then 99% chance it’s a problem with their setup.

I don’t have a ton of users so two coming forward is a reason to worry. One claims to have tried it on three different devices.

Keep in mind I’m dealing with customers and their willingness to help me investigate the issue is my only hope of solving it. The line of communication I have with them is fragile. They may just as easily refund the game than answer my questions.

With that in mind, I’ll move forward with your suggestion to ask for a copy of their Event Log. I’ll break it down into simple instructions.

Haven’t published anything through Steam Yet, so I’m not sure what options you have. But if you have the ability to put up a “Test” version, I would install it and test it for you.

Could I just give you a Steam code for the game?

Sure, what ever is easier.

Scroll down to the “Setting up a closed Beta” section. That might be easier.