No Sound when using SoundEffectInstance Play() on MonoGame 3.5

I updated to MonoGame 3.5 and now none of my sounds work. There are no errors but calling the Play() method doesn’t do anything.

// I have a sound dictionary like so…

sounds = new Dictionary<string, SoundEffect>();
sounds.Add(“Back”, content.Load(“Audio\Back”));
sounds.Add(“BeeDrop”, content.Load(“Audio\BeeDrop”));
sounds.Add(“BombEmpty”, content.Load(“Audio\BombEmpty”));

// Then I call a playCue method that passes in the name of the sound effect to play…

    public void PlayCue(string cueName)
        SoundEffectInstance newInstance = sounds[cueName].CreateInstance();
        newInstance.Volume = Program.CurrentMusic.SoundEffectVolumeLevel;

There isn’t an error or anything, it just doesn’t play. The sound effects it points to are the xnb files.

Any ideas what I can do to make sounds work again?

Have you rebuilt your pipeline project since upgrading?

Something like this happened to me when I upgraded my whole system, including monogame… It turned out to be some cultural setting regarding the decimal cymbal system ( , or . )

This meant that saved values I had stored on disk, like say, volume or alpha values would be misinterpreted by my code… , would be skipped by stream-reader, so 0,7 would become 7…

depending on your code, you may be getting all kinds of values in various variables, including 0, which would explain the no sound.

So maybe, like I just learned, make sure your reader or parser is overloaded to be culture independent…
-If that’s an issue with XML reading…

Seems there was this June Direct X update I needed to install. That resolves my issues.