No templates and reference errors

I installed all the dev tools for MonoDevelop on Xubuntu 16.04. For some reason, it did not install any MonoGame templates, so I can’t start a new MonoGame project on Linux. Although if I create a Cross Platform project in Visual Studio on Windows and then open that solution in MonoDevelop on Linux then it compiles and runs fine. However it shows reference errors:

I also have similar reference error issues with Xamarin on OS X El Capitan, but the templates installed fine on that platform.

The reference error is an error with MonoDevelop 5 it does not correctly check special paths, it’s showing that references are missing even tho they are not. Autocomplete and everything else works fine so Just press compile, it will work without a problem.

PS. The reference error has been fixed in MonoDevelop 6

ok cool thanks for letting me know.