Noesis UI - Do you want to see an official version supporting MonoGame?

I’m not affiliated with Noesis, I’m just a user of MonoGame

Noesis is an amazing UI framework built on XAML and many of the different systems introduced by WPF, such as data binding, dependency properties, skinning, and animation. Noesis is developed in C++ and ships with bindings for Unity and Unreal Engine. There is also a managed C#-based layer that you can use to bring Noesis into any .NET game engine, it just requires some work.

Current MonoGame Support

The awesome ai_enabled has a working MonoGame integration library for Noesis, NoesisGUI.MonoGameWrapper however, this only works for Windows and DirectX.

While it’s awesome to have a community member step up and fill in the gap, they have their own lives, games, and projects to work on. This wrapper was created for ai_enabled’s game and was graciously shared with the community. But maintaining the library is not their focus. I raised this point with the Noesis team by stating that, in my opinion, Noesis is one of the best UI frameworks available.

Noesis may officially support MonoGame

The Noesis team was curious about the level of interest in the MonoGame community, and requested an official thread be opened here, which, I’m doing now.

Noesis does have a licensing model, which you can review here: Licensing | NoesisGUI

To sum it up what I read in that licensing page:

  • Free if gross annual revenue < 100k and you target Windows/Linux/macOS/iOS/Android/webgl
  • You must use a royalty-free paid license (by seat or project, per platform) if the gross annual revenue > 100k or you target xbox/playstation/switch/stadia/raspberry pi

The question

Is this something the MonoGame community is interested in? Or am I alone here :smile: Please discuss or vote, whatever!

Examples of Noesis

Video demo video of an older version that features some great UI designs in commercial games:

Video of someone’s game that integrated Noesis into CryEngine

A business using Noesis to design and order building parts (i think … ):


I know I’m very late to the party, but my current game environemnt involves a port of Noesis, and there is a huge market gap for a GUI library that focuses on skinnable and modern gaming GUI, rather than an engine GUI. The other libraries like GeonBit and Myra have their shortcomings when it comes to aesthetic and extensibility such as localisation, and having to continue to rely on ports like Nez.UI and DearImGUI isn’t ideal, but doable. I would love to see Noesis support Monogame directly, but for the moment I’ve resulted to using a previous port that only supports DirectX. I am still having issues with the OpenGL ports.

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