Nonozle - a nonogram game

Hey! I’ve been a MonoGame user since 2015 and started many unfinished projects, but I now finally have a complete game releasing on Steam in a week! It’s called Nonozle. It’s a game featuring a type of puzzle called a nonogram, where one uses number logic to fill in a grid until it forms a picture. Examples of other games that involve nonograms include Picross, Pic-a-pix, Pictopix, and so on.

Here’s the first trailer:

And here are some screenshots:

You can find the game’s website here, and the Steam store page here.


Congrats on finishing a game!

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Oooh I love picross :slight_smile: I will try to remember to check this out later. Congrats on finishing it!

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Congrats! I love seeing more Monogame games released

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Nonozle is out now! If you’re interested, you can buy it on Steam or on for $3.99. I made another trailer for the launch: