Noob-ish questions about Content Pipeline

Hi, so I just started with MonoGame and I had some questions about the Content Pipeline (It’s a new tool for me so please forgive me)
1.Can I load XML files through the content pipeline?
2.If I can load XML files can I edit them just like a normal Stream?
3.Do I have to use it or can I just load textures and sounds normally?
Thank you for reading and sorry if the questions were annoying or asked before I’m just excited about MonoGame as so far its blowing my mind :smile:

There doesn’t exist a default processor for xml files, they are just copied to output folder.
You could write your own Content Processor for xml files if you want to.

You should use it, it is there to compile resources to native formats for each platform. That way you don’t have to manually convert resources to the requested formats(ie. you can keep the song in mp3 format, while when the compile process is started it automatically converts it to the .wav / .ogg so it can be played on Windows)

Loading raw assets can sometimes cause problems with stuff like png transparency as well.

Thanks alot man much appreciated :smile:
But what about editing the loaded content. Lets say I wrote my own xml processor for xml would I be able to save in edits normally like a normal stream(Question kinda dumb I know)?

You won’t be able to save it then.