Not completly understanding what MonoGame is

Making a long intro short, I’ve been using VS2010 w/ XNA at my school, wanted to make games at home, downloaded VS community, and saw XNA was discontinued, so I looked for alternates and found this. Not knowing anything about big professional computer terms, I say “What does this mean?”, which gets back to the main question what is it and is it similar to what I’ve been using at school?

I’m sure someone could explain it better to you. But I ll give you my understanding of it. Monogame is an open source implementation of XNA, that means all the code is open to the public. The most important thing is that is works on every platform, and the most importantly on android and ios, where XNA does not. Monogame was not only written by a group of people, but also with help from the community which provided code to the Monogame developers. Also Monogame is based on Mono ( ) which is also an open source implementation of .net framework. That means that theoretically you have access to edit every single source code line. As far as the code goes, XNA and Monogame have almost 95% identical syntax. The only differences you will find will be on the really advanced 3D stuff, or you might find that a functionality is missing because its not implemented yet, that’s honestly pretty rare though.

Thanks Shiro, that’s good enough of an explanation.

Try making a new monogame project and copy the files from your current XNA project and build it. You probably won’t need to change more than 2 lines of code. Its literally the same thing, but works on every platform.

I will, once I figure out how to install it. I keep getting a NSIS error with the installer for 3.2.
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