Not installing on VS Comminuty 2015 (Win7)

So, I’ve recently looked into MonoGame from XNA a while back. My computer ain’t top-notch or anything, and I’m a complete beginner at installing anything for VS. So, I install MonoGame (3.5) normally, apart from the option to install templates for VS 2015 being grayed out. After that, I got the templates separately, and was told it should work fine. I open up VS and look at the new projects tab, but no MonoGame projects show. I have no clue what I did wrong. Could someone please help?

Did you put the templates in the correct folder?

The Monogame templates resides in “Templates > Visual C# > MonoGame”.
You already tried reinstall with the option to install the template?

Yep, I’ve done that. Even got someone who used MonoGame before to double check that.