Not possible to use MeshBuilder in WindowsUniversal

Hi guys,
I wanted to do some first steps generating geometries. So I added the MonoGame.Framework.WindowsUniversal and thought about needing the MonoGame.Framework.Content.Pipeline to access the MeshBuilder. Unfortunately the published Version is portable and has dependencies to MonoGame.Framework.Portable.
So in the end it was not possible for me to get this compiled because of dublicate references to MonoGame.Framework.dll but in different versions.
As a possible way I see a netcore compatible release of MonoGame.Framework.Content.Pipeline but that would be no nice solution. Perhaps it would be useful to have dependencies from MonoGame.Framework.WindowsUniversal to the portable version MonoGame.Framework.Portable?
Is that right? As this are my first steps in MonoGame I could be totally wrong…

Best regards,