NuklearSharp: C# Port of C GUI library nuklear

Hi everyone,
I would like to introduce yet another C-to-C# port:

As there was some confusion, I would like to clarify, that NuklearSharp is port. It’s not wrapper. I took original C code and converted it to C#. So NuklearSharp doesnt require any native binaries.

The above link contains some sample code on how to run NuklearSharp in the MG.

p.s. I would to personally thank @raizam for donating his code that was used to make NuklearSharp.MonoGame and RaizamTest.


bump! This library is going to kick asses :wink:

I have made the demo shown above, but this was just my tests while making the Monogame backend, and is not really showing nuklear’s real capabilities.

Here are couple screen from the original library, and this is what we should be able to get soon with this lib:


NuklearSharp 0.2 had been released.
I’ve ported Extended sample from the original nuklear. Now it works in the NuklearSharp:

The sample code is here:
Also I’ve included both samples executables(Extended and RaizamTest, which had been demonstrated in the first post) in the binary release:
The NuGet had been updated too.


Very nice job on this, a lot of work.
I’m bumping this because it really deserves it

I was just checking this out, it looks nice and im starting to see how it works.
I love how it has so many styles which makes things work fast.
It’s also super easy to get up and running, the example solution loads and runs.

I have a couple initial questions.

  1. Is there documentation ?
  2. Im a little concerned in the manner it loads images, does this dispose images properly ?
  3. How difficult would it be in your estimation to convert the media to directly use the ContentManager for loading ?
  4. This is poll driven correct ?
  5. How does this perform when it comes to garbage collections ?