Objects that worked OK with XNA but not with Monogame


I’m just getting back into 3D programming and I have never used MonoGame before. A few years ago I had a basic game of flying around a terrain with a few objects in the scene all working OK with XNA.

I’ve download MonoGame and started a new project and I am using the same objects as before I cannot get any of them to render under Monogame. I have tried .x (the original format but these either fail to load or render black) then converting to .fbx (either fails to load or just renders black) and .dae file (these work better but are missing textures in a few places).

Loading all these models into ‘Open 3D Model Viewer’ shows them to be all OK. I have tried the usual suggestions of importing into Blender and exporting again. I also tried the Autodesk FBX convertor for other objects but no luck there either.

Is Monogame a lot more fussy then the older XNA when it comes to loading objects? When I rebuild the Monogame pipeline with no errors and run my program I can see .xna files being generated OK.

So far I have just found one object from the MonoCube tutorial on the internet that renders OK with MonoGame.

Is there a convertor that will take any model and process it so Monogame can use it?

Any help would be appreciated.


I can tell you right away, that I had a lot of strange issues getting 3d to work properly…
Including some requirements to the EXPORT settings in your 3D program… And other hard to de-bug issues, I cant remember specifically…
But once you get it working, like most other monogame things, its all on rails from there… I’ve converted asimple 2d game to 3d, and recently fiddled with a simple flight sim like you mentioned… Adding 3D assets is as easy as adding 2d textures once you get going…

Try and see if you can load NEW assets (maybe following a newer monogame import tutorial), and you’ll know if your problem is in your code or your assets…

Thanks for your reply.

This youtube link

has advice on using Blender to export .dae files. I have got another object rendering correctly with Monogame after I exported it with Blender, following this tutorial, but the same settings do not work for all exported objects.

I think this problem may due to the texture image file formats.