Occasional Failed to make context 65537 current errors

I get these “Failed to make context” errors periodically, one example is listed below. Oddly enough, the game continues to execute after throwing the error unless I catch and throw the exception and no assets appear not to be loaded. It’s not this one specific file either, its varies. It’s not every time, maybe like one out of ten times I launch the game though it happens.

Any ideas why I get these and how to prevent them? On my other games I don’t think people noticed but I have a nice error screen on this game to gracefully handle errors and because this is an exception, it ends up there too.

This error:
Failed to make context 65537 current. Error: 126

On these line:
this.endingBest = Content.Load(“UI\EndingBest”);

It’s difficult to suggest what might be causing this. There doesn’t appear to be untoward in how you are loading things. For some reason, the .NET Framework just can’t find the file to open it.