Oculus Quest


So, I have got myself an Oculus Quest, and have been able to side load it with my Unity projects, but it would be nice to be able to use and run my MonoGame Engine and samples on it too :slight_smile:

Do any of you have experience of doing this? I am guessing I will have to integrate my engine with the Native Quest SDK?

If this is the case, then it might be worth me creating a library to do that and sharing it with you guys??

Any tips, comments welcome :smiley:

Check out https://github.com/nkast/OculusRift4MonoGame

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Thanks but wont that be native Windows, rather than native Mobile, I think they are different SDK’s

Yes, it’s for the Desktop SDK.
What kind of system is the mobile?

Quest is just running Android, they have a mobile SDK, think this also covers GO too.

I see. the desktop SDK runs on SharpDX, and am guessing mobile runs on openGL.
I suppose the SDK is not very different but we need to replace the directX code with GL code to get GL rendertargets. Does it require to inherit from a special Activity like cardboard does or we can start from a standard MG android project and tap into the SDK during initialization?

FYI, I am working on a Cardboard port here.
What kind of android devices are supported?
I don’t have a GO or a powerful android (with DayDream), I wander if I can use my old device or at least an emulator for this.

Keep as up do date on any progress!

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OK ill have a dig around, see what I can do.

I have a Samsung 8 and can deploy my Quest Unity stuff to that too, so, if I get a base Android project to send to my phone, I can then look at the Mobile API and create a MG friendly lib with that for future use :slight_smile:

Ill let you know how I get on :smiley:

Alas, I am on holiday next week, so wont get time to look at it until I get back… :frowning:

How did this turn out? Any updates? Just picked up a Quest myself and curious what the possibilities are. I’ve already got my project working on the Rift.

Hi Auric,

I have done nothing with it. My father passed away in December, so a lot of my hobby stuff I have put on hold for a bit. I do intend to get MG working on my Quest though and when I do, Ill post it here :slight_smile:

My condolences for you, hope you are fine.

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Oh yea, I am all good. Dad had been ill for a long time, it was not out of the blue. He named me executor, so been sorting all his estate out, and now with the pandemic protocols in place (UK), even that is on hold now.

As far as hobbies go, I am doing bits as and when, sometimes it’s hard to focus one things, but that’s me most of the time lol

If I am honest, I am sort of glad he went when he did, he would be so worried for everyone right now.

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Charles I’m sorry to hear that man! I went through the same thing (My dad was ill for 5 years before he went). He would have had been in the same boat.

Do what you need to do man. Ping me when you get back to it and maybe we can tag team the effort.

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No worries, it’s all part of life, it’s just the shit bit at the end is all :slight_smile: