Old XNA Game Porting to MonoGame

MonoGame is cool!! because I can bring the all the goodies not only on PC but on mobiles too, I’m porting my old Game Engine with built in Multi Player capabilities to MonoGame 10% has been ported so far :smile:

  • I don’t use content pipeline I have my own Texture, Shaders, Static & Animated Mesh loaders

  • I wrote my own Network Game Library for this project.

  • It includes loaders for MDF files to include Bake Lightmaps ^ _ ^ y

  • Includes simple physics Box coolider & triangle selector BHV.

  • No fancy Shaders here as I wanted it to work on portable devices… speed is a must!

  • My Aim is port the game engine on a portable form single DLL that will works on PC and Android


BTW: This is my entry on the 1st XNA Dream build play LOL :smile:

Crossing my fingers to complete this project within this year :wink:

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Negative [regardless of humour] titles are not helpful for newcomers.

Nice game, 3D :heart: but no audio?

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:stuck_out_tongue: Nice Tittle ^ _ ^ Y but for a solo hobbyist It will take me a year to port my game engine including all of the above features Nyaha…

All I have now is the source code I cannot compile it again with XNA with my new rig : - D but I still got some of my old video feeds with sound… Phone Cam mode : - D my rig at that time is slow Lol

[ With Audio ]

Here’s my Triangle Selector to World :sweat_smile: with Samurai X BG : - D
[ BHV World Triangle Selector ]

How come you estimate porting will take so long? Except for some details code written against XNA should just work.

Because I’m working Sir Jagg : - D After a tiring day on Business Software Development. I’m back again to my Game Development Hobby on my Spare time ^ _ ^ y … Work First :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m saying porting anything from XNA to MonoGame should barely take any time (none in the best case).

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:grin: I’m slimming it down, I have little knowledge with .Net at that time most of code is slow… and I’m parallel testing my port on Android and PC… If the code will not work on Android I remove the features one DLL only to support PC and Android ^ _ ^y But so far it’s going great…

EDIT But at the moment I’m on steroid excited to see my game on Android, the only reason I spending time with porting is because MonoGame supports different platform Horraaay!!!

Reminds me slightly of Armored Core from PSOne… nice!, add more features!

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Thanks Sir Valentine NYaha :grin: yes the game play looks like Armored Core… I did all the model rigging of robots in this game ^ _ ^ y

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