One font for all platforms?

Is it possible(because of the font license?) to use one spritefont(for example “Comic Sans MS”) on all platforms including non Microsoft platforms like iOS or Android?
In addition, I want to use a font(for example “Comic Sans MS”) in Inkscape to create a coverart image(exported .png file) for my game. Can I use this .png file on non Microsoft platforms like iOS or Android?

your font will work on all platforms for the game, since it is converted to a spriteimage when building your application.

You just can’t build the solution on other platforms, but you can play on any platform

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I think @Fox9 is referring to licensing issues.

You would have to check the license of the particular font, you may not even be allowed to use Comic Sans MS on Microsoft devices. In fact I am not sure if many licenses dictate the device usage of fonts.

Most Microsoft fonts included with Windows or Office are under a license that permits use as an element in static images or in documents. What is not permitted is the transformation of those fonts to another format that allows the use of that font elsewhere. This is classed as redistribution, even though the font has been transformed to another format. See the Microsoft Typography site for more information.

Having said that, I have never seen Microsoft go after anyone who did use Arial or Comic Sans MS in a game as a sprite font. I have seen one other company get stung with hefty licensing fees for using another font in a game without the correct license, so it can happen.

Microsoft did make some fonts available and licensed specifically for redistribution in games. If using other fonts, always check the license. Many fonts you can get from “free font websites” still need a license to use legally in a game.

Using a Microsoft font such as Comic Sans MS in static text in a title image exported to PNG is fine under the license. Other fonts, check the license.

Yes some are “free for personal use” only so cannot be distrubuted with your game though you can download it and use it freely within your game (just not make money off it).

You may want to look for licensed fonts that explicitly waive their rights off them such as CC0, which this font says its license is.

How can I use the AILERON font(or other CC0 fonts) with the MonoGame Pipeline tool?

Tutorial here on MonoGame.

and here from RB Whitaker (added bonus with a licensing foreword).