Open xnb game files?

I have some xnb files from a game called bloodline champions that I want to extract out the model data etc so I can make some custom skins but xnbextract won’t work so I thought monogame might be able to.

XNB is a documented format, so you can dissect the file yourself. That said, it is also a very extensible format. The standard types are documented, but developers can add their own types to the files as well. I don’t know if the game developers for Bloodline Champions used their own types in the XNB files, but if they did then it’s going to be difficult because only they know the format of that data.

Is there anyway you could point in the direction on maybe I could dissect the file somehow? Maybe use a hex editor?

You could create a basic MonoGame project, add the XNB file to the Content directory, and try to load the file through the ContentManager. This may or may not work. You could also open the XNB file in a hex editor and see what types it contains. These are visible as strings towards the start of the XNB file.

I have tried both ways now them seem to be using there own game engine(bcge) they made. Just not skilled enough to code and try to retrieve more off the file. I will submit the file and maybe if you have time maybe you could take a look at see what you think.

They do use their own model type (BCGEngine.Graphics.Models.InstancedModel). At the end of the XNB file there is a relative path to a texture XNB (…\…\particle_export_texture_0). If you are wanting to just re-texture it, you could look at that file. It is likely in the standard XNA Texture2D format, which can be easily created with the MonoGame tools from a PNG, BMP or JPG source image. You could make a little MonoGame application to load that texture and save it as a PNG, modify it, then generate a XNB using the Content Pipeline Tool.