OpenAL device could not be initialized error

when I create a brand new Monogame Cross Platform Desktop Project I get that error, I have read other posts and they didn’t seem to help.

I have tried uninstalling my audio drivers, reinstalling them, unplugging my headphones and plugging them back in. I have installed OpenAL and even restarted the computer afterwards, and it still doesn’t work.
This is my solution explorer and it has all the openAl files:

here is the error i’m getting

Try this open the visual studio installer… type it in the start menu if you don’t know were it is.
Then find the optional updates for Vs 2012 and 2013 and install them that should add the needed environmental variables if they are missing. Those used to come by default with the os or vs but they have been downgraded to optional installs which is kinda shady.

Is this a newly installed os ?

No Its not a new os, its been installed for a while, im using VBstudio 2017 if that matters?

Still having this issue in VS2017, no changes, I have since reinstalled Windows 10 and still broken.

Someone in the MG discord helped me, I had my C# projects in a folder called C# Workspace, and thats a big no no to OpenAL. You can NOT have a # in the path of your project.