OpenTK fails on device running 4.0.3

Hi all

I have looked all over for someone with the same issue but could find anything
I have one device that for some reason crashes when I debug or reales to. The error I get is

OpenTK.Platform.Android.EglException: MakeCurrent
06-01 20:55:28.149 E/mono ( 9852): at (wrapper dynamic-method) System.Object:8b147db4-0faa-499f-95b9-e6080fe5b99e (intptr,intptr)
06-01 20:55:28.149 E/mono ( 9852): at (wrapper native-to-managed) System.Object:8b147db4-0faa-499f-95b9-e6080fe5b99e (intptr,intptr)

this is the only device it fails on so I am stumped as to why this one.

Anyone seen this before.

First things first. Which MG version are you using?
It seems this device does not support the opengl version used by monogame. I don’t know the MG’s one’s as I don’t use opengl for now. Or something related to opengl. Maybe the device is too old for the version of monogame you are using.

After some more testing and playing around I have found that it is the device.

For anyone else that does have a similar issue and find the thread I was using Monogame 3.5 and the device is a joytab running 4.0.3.