'OpenTK.Graphics.GraphicsContextException' occurred in OpenTK.dll

I keep getting the following error at random times:

An unhandled exception of type 'OpenTK.Graphics.GraphicsContextException' occurred in OpenTK.dll

Additional information: Failed to make context 131072 current. Error: 2004

It never show me the line it happened from. It just says “Application is in break mode”, even if I check “break on this exception type” and run in debug mode… (guess I need a debug version of the OpenTK dll?). Anyway it doesn’t happen on any specific case, just randomly. And its really annoying -_-

I heard that the new MonoGame will use SDL instead of TK so does it mean this problem will no longer be relevant?

If so my question is this:

Is the dev version stable enough for me to take it and will it really solve this problem? Or there’s something broken in my very code which I didn’t notice and the TK exception is just the symptom and not the cause?

And if not:

Any tips of how to solve this problem? Anyone got any experience with it? I read somewhere its related to loading resources but no new resources are loading at the times it happened (however, it do feel it occur more when I do some heavy random-generating algorithms which create peaks of CPU).

Anyway what should I do?


Yes and yes.