Options to replace Storage, GamerServices

Are there any guides or discussions on strategies for replacing Storage and GamerServices? I’m dabbling with porting an old XBLIG XNA game. The MonoGame docs say that Storage isn’t supported as every platform implementation is wildly different, but I haven’t been able to find any articles or discussions about what one should do in its place.

If anyone’s aware of any guides or docs on porting old XNA games generally, I’d be happy for pointers. Apologies in advance if I’ve managed to miss obvious ones.

What platforms are you targetting? You can do anything from serialize to a file, a local relational database like SQLite, or even store in the cloud using PlayFab, FireStore, MongoDB Realm, etc. The nice thing about MonoGame is that everything in the entire .Net ecosystem is available.


Thanks for the reply! I just need to serialize to a file, so thankfully nothing too complicated.

I only ever used C# for this game 13 years ago, so I think I’ve got a blindspot on the huge ecosystem of libraries that I could use.

Presumably if I wanted to get this on Xbox, I’d need access to their storage SDKs via a licence agreement or similar?

…or be a sane, reasonable person and just use files.

Nowadays, TitleContainer is used for file access. If your game is desktop-only, you can not bother and just use System.IO.

I had a quick look at the API docs, and TitleContainer appears to be read-only. Have I understood that correctly? In my case, I need to save/load user save data and user preferences.

I think I’ll start with desktop-only, get that working, and if I get that far, then go on to think about Xbox.

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