Our First Release! The Chaotic Workshop is out now for Mobile!

##Announcing The Chaotic Workshop!
Ever wanted to know what would happen if you set off a tennis ball cannon in a room full of pinball bouncers, or if you tied a Fire Extinguisher to a TNT crate inside a room full of proximity mines?

Well now you can.

Welcome to the The Chaotic Workshop!. With 50 puzzles (and growing), over 70 items in total to unlock, and a fully integrated sandbox level editor which lets you create what ever puzzle your imagination can come up with those +70 items; The Chaotic Workshop lets you explore your creativity and puzzle solving skills with a dash of Chaos to mix it all up!

Get it now on the App store and on Google Play!

Let us know what you think of our first game! Did we miss a feature? Found a bug? Let us know through any of the social medias below! Or contact @VirtexEdgeDesign or the technical lead @rtroe directly!

Virtex Edge Design


The Chaotic Workshop is Virtex Edge Design’s first game built with MonoGame. We have a few other projects using Mono Game in the works, so check us out and give us a follow to keep up with what’s happening!

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