Our Games on Atari VCS

A couple of our games are coming out on the VCS over the next few days.

Details for those interested: https://kelsam.net/blog/releasing-our-games-on-atari-vcs/


This is really cool. Was there any specific porting involved for this (like using BRUTE) or did an OpenGl project just work because as you mentioned in the article the VCS is like a hybrid console/pc?

Obviously if it’s something like BRUTE the details are NDA’d, but if there’s anything that can be shared publicly, I would be super interested in reading it.


No BRUTE or anything like that. The VCS’s OS is just a custom version of Debian, so a DesktopGL build targeting linux-x64 is all that is needed to get MG running. I think the only customization required at all was including/overwriting a more recent version of the SDL2 lib (updated controller db and such).


Oh thats really awesome. I have a friend with a VSC, wonder if he’ll let me dabble with it :laughing:


Added to this months issue of the monthly magazine


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What would it look like to take a MonoGame project to Atari VCS?

I have a few Atari VCS systems, if they can be used as dev kits.

(…and, congrats on the releases!)

Make a console/TV-friendly linux build (DesktopGL build targeting linux-x64).


So that would be the top selection here (see image)?