Pacman Multiplayers

Wazzup pipz ^ _^ y

Just wanted to share the developmenst of my entries on GameDev.netMULTIPLAYER PACMAN CHALLENGE”, still got 25 days to go. The game will be free and hopefully including the game source code Lel…

This demonstrate a fast face game like Pacman with game state synchronization, this is a 3D game the dot is just a cube and all ghost are Quads Pacman is an Animated Mesh.

Hope to finish this before the end of the month, for me to received the award, wish me luck nyha :grin:


looks very nice, would love to see the source code when you’re done, I just can’t get my head around doing the multiple player aspect of it for client / server based game. Is the first window in the video also the server? or is there a 4th window (not shown) that is the lobby host?

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Thanks Bro ^_^Y

The first apps which is John who selected the < Create Game > and created a 3 players game is Hosting the game or the Server, and all other two which is Paul and Marry only joining the game who clicked < Join Game > there’s no mother host since this is just a desktop app, any app can create or join a game. If this app is intended to be played over the internet I will create a mother host who can hosted created games that other players can join across the globe.

What I did is once you created a game, automatically other client will detect that you created a game across the local sub-net without manually or programatically hard coding IP address, but of course specifying hard coded IP on client enable the server to accept a clients across the globe if your firewall allows it ^ _^ y

I believed I write clean codes very well commented LEL … for others to understand the game logic, If I have time I will create a blog out of it as I think it is required.

I just watched the video again and followed it with your description, I see how you’re doing it on the front end. Nice. I was just generally looking around the screen the first time I watched it.