[Paid] Help Packaging/Porting MonoGame for Steam release

I have a MonoGame project that is ready for Steam submission/release within a month or two.

I’m developing on Windows and have that covered but I’d like to release for Linux and Mac as well, but I neither have the platforms available or any knowledge of them.

I’m looking for someone who can make the game run on Linux and Mac, and create Steam friendly installers for all platforms and integrate the SteamAPI.

You will be compensated for you time, contact me at “contact [@] oruji.com” and we’ll work out a deal :smile:


  • Markus

It is probably worth contacting flibitijibibo http://www.flibitijibibo.com/ they maintain the SDL2 version and do a quite a few commercial ports :slight_smile:

I’ll do that, thanks for the tip!