Particle Engine for Windows 10 Universal Application development?


I was wondering if there were any good particle engines for MonoGame that targets Windows 10 Universal App development?

My old ones don’t seem to work anymore.


If you mean 2D, try the one in MonoGame.Extended, it’s pretty good :slight_smile: Also, since MG abstracts away most platform differences a particle engine written for MonoGame should pretty much always be cross-platform. What broke in your particle engine?

Hi Jjagg!

Thanks for your quick response!

Yes, I’m looking for a good 2D particle engine. Thanks for pointing that out!

I will try the one you subscribed to in your post. Thanks!

When I first started using Monogame, the Microsoft Particle engine no longer worked, so I switched to using the Super-Nova particle engine for Windows 8.1 development.

When I started developing for Windows 10 universal, I tried to use the Package Manager to install the Super-Nova particle engine and it did not work. I don’t think the guy who wrote the engine is supporting it anymore, or it could be my setup.

Thanks again!


Mercury used to be pretty good in the XNA days - not sure how well its kept up to date or if its tested against MonoGame

You are right that this looks dead

Also Digital Run has particles

I think you may need to use their rendering code though…

The one in Extended is adapted from Mercury.

Thanks zman!

Yeah, the Super-Nova particle engine was developed and adapted for MonoGame by one guy that supplied me with personal support a few years ago. The Mercury engine adapted for Monogame.Extended should be more than suffice.


One thing to note. I just installed MonoGame.Extended, and some packages are not compatible with the kind of application that I am developing, which is a Windows UAP.

Sorry for reviving this old topic but when I try to use DPSF using the standard DPSF.dll I get an error: “A reference to DPSF.dll could not be added. The project targets ‘.NETCore’ while the file reference targets ‘.NETFramework’. This is not a supported scenario.”

DPSF contains only one DLL made for MonoGame, and that is MonoGame for Android. When you use DPSFMonoForAndoid.dll with a Windows 10 Universal Application it compiles ok but when you run the application it crashes with the error

I assume this error has to do with Windows 10 Universal Application instead of Android. The DPSF project has not been updated for 7 years and I do not believe we will get a DPSF for Windows 10 Universal Application. Anyone finding this thread should not use DPSF.

same error lead me here
so what kind of package you are using for particles plz ?