Patreon test?

Hello, after reading this post Patreon and see that MonoGame has a user in Patreon. I wanted to know if the test was done, if it was worth having the page of Patreon or simply the idea was forgotten…


Yeah, I’m also interested in this. I wasn’t around when the original post was made, and I really think that having patrons with recurring payments would be great for the project. Even if the amount of money wouldn’t be significant at the beginning, the fact that they’re monthly and that other people would join over time, could make a difference with funding in the long run.

IMO I wouldn’t bother too much about tiers and rewards at first (otherwise you could end up not creating the Patreon page because of ), just being a way to get recurring donations would be fine for a start I think.

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You’re right with the rewards. Here are some examples of Patreons like Libretro, RPCS3, Lutris that have followers and the rewards for the tiers are not so elaborated.