Pausing a SoundEffectInstance more than once doesn't work(?)

It’s not possible for me to pause a SoundEffectInstance more than once.
I.e. Play - Pause - Play - Pause.
After the second pause the sound effect continues to play. Getting its state also says that its playing.
Can anyone confirm this?
Can anyone get it working?

What platform? And what MG version?

I’m on MacOS (Sierra 10.12.6).
MonoGame version

Could you try the develop branch and see if the issue is still there? If it is you can log an issue on GitHub:

It was all my bad, as I somehow expected. After inspecting the MonoGame code I realised that I used PAUSE and then PLAY instead of PAUSE and then RESUME. Now that was embarrassing…
But at least I managed to find the mistake so that I can continue my work.
Thanks for the quick response.

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