Pinball League: Hardhat Zone for Windows Phone

Our new Pinball game is under construction – literally!
Welcome to “Hardhat Zone”, the latest installment in the Pinball League series!

“Hardhat Zone” is our new, immersive, “construction site” themed pinball table. A world full of activity, machinery and workers, cranes and bulldozers. Unlock and complete all the stackable modes, collect the bonuses and rack up your score.

But bragging about your high-score to your friends on Facebook just won’t cut it anymore! Challenge your friends to a simultaneous 2 player Versus match: bump together your NFC equipped phones and connect instantly for a competitive 2 player game! Gain bonuses for yourself and send obstacles to your opponent!

· Photorealistic graphics
· Arcade mayhem
· Refined ball physics
· Vibration feedback
· Tilt mechanics
· Portrait and landscape modes
· 2 player NFC showdown…

…welcome to the Hardhat Zone!


“tainicom” is an indie studio focusing primary on mobile games and applications. It was founded in 2010 by two Greek developers with many years of experience and a passion for classic gaming values.

tainicom LTD
Athens Greece, October 16, 2014

Wow, this looks super cool! Windows phone need more great games like this :slight_smile:


Pinball League: HardHat Zone v1.1

Your favorite Pinball Table is getting even better! Enjoy impressive lighting quality on your desktop/tablet and even on your phone!
The second major improvement in v1.1 is loading times, up to 40% faster on mobile devices.

looks great and plays great!

are you using a known physics engine or is it a custom one?

Thanks KakCat!

we are using farseer physics, a bit modified.

Are there any plans for an Android release? Would have liked to play it on my S4…

The game looks great, keep up the good work!

Thanks Gerhard!

We don’t preanounce releases. What I can say it’s we plan to expand to other platforms beyond windows.

Let’s get Hardhat Zone to Steam!
Vote for it in Steam Greenlight!

Hardhat Zone is now available on Play Store!