A Pong clone I made today for fun :smile:


Dear god! How big is your monitor :smiley:

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Haha indeed, that is an insane monitor! :slight_smile:

That monitor! The Pong clone is cool too. How smart is the AI?

Haha the monitor and game are fitting well together I guess :joy:

Only left and right hand playing against each other. Don’t remember who won this very game :smile:

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I’m not gonna lie to you… part of me wants to now create a pong game where clients register against a server for rendering. Then line up all the screens in my house for one giant, long, pong game :smiley: :smiley:


Great minds think alike, however…

How about per each client the direction changes ever so slightly, giving an added challenge in prediction :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice, and is it 7680 or 3840 x 1080?

Haha yea! Going further a client can register with a rectangle bounds and an angle offset. The server builds a bounding world polygon from the registered clients where the outside edges are colliders that redirect the ball. Areas where no client is currently covering simply aren’t drawn, leaving the player to mentally track the ball to the next screen :smiley:



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“Invincible” vs Hard, I guess I have some work to do for better collision detection :sweat_smile:


You have some pretty interesting collisions going on there :grin:

Got some fresh ideas now for a pong game…