Pipeline custom processors and loaders

Hello! First off I’d like to thank the fantastic people who have made monogame reality, it’s an absolutely amazing framework to use. I recently started to look at the new Pipeline.exe tool and thought I’d give it a go.

Most of it seems to work fairly well, however I am not sure how I would go about using a custom content loader (originally written for XNA but ported to MonoGame) in the pipeline tool.

I tried looking at topics about this and even checked the documentation, however I couldn’t find out how I would add my custom processor and loader with the tool. Has anyone else tried doing this and if so, could they point me in the right direction?

Many thanks!

Your best bet is to checkout the XNA documentation on the subject


The main different is you want to be referencing the MonoGame Content Pipeline assemblies rather than the XNA ones. But other than that the actual code for the content loader/processor should be the same.

Once you have your assembly for your processors you can add references to the Pipeline tool via the ‘References’ property in the property grid or via the /reference: command line option if you are using mgcb.exe directly.

The assembly, do you mean the DLL files created from the content processor projekt? Because I have tried to reference those DLL files but when I go to select the importer for my custom content files I can’t select my custom loader. I must be doing something wrong in the referencing maybe?

What I do is in the references property I add the DLL file to my (MonoGame compiled) processor projekt and then try to compile my resources.

You have to reference them in the MGCB file like this:

Then use can use the names at every item


Ok thanks! I’ll try it out!

EDIT: Got it all working now, thank you so much!

can you please describe each step .

I am getting error in pipeline tool
processor : [missing] SkinnedModelProcessor.

skinned ModelProcessor is my processor library.