Pipeline Font Bug

It seems the pipeline tool expects SpriteFont file names to be no longer than 18 characters in length, plus .spritefont.

So I can build “c:\temp\arial.spritefont”

but I can’t build “c:\temp\adobe gothic std b 14.spritefont”

Could we have a fix for this please.


There is no length limit (other than Windows-imposed path limits). Perhaps the spaces cause the issue?

Doesn’t seem to be. I thought we were past the days where spaces in file names cause problems! If I concat the file name to 18 characters (without the extension) the files build fine no matter how many spaces. I’ve proved the same with multiple fonts on my system. Any font with a name longer than 18 characters fails. There are many other fonts that fail for various other reasons, and I’ve been getting a load of Null Reference errors while building, but the length of file name is the most problematic.