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I am doing some work on the pipeline and currently on sprite fonts.
The Descriptions for the sprite font properties are inferring we have a Sprite Font Importer but we don’t. There is a FontDescriptionProcessor and FontTextureProcessor but only a FontDescriptionImporter. Currently the Font DescriptionImporter is being selected as the Sprite Font Importer which tries to use XmlImporter and that fails as expected. It looks like the previous development was expecting to use TextureImporter but currently it does not.
As I am trying to sort this out I did a search and found your comment and wondered if you had anything I could use before I start crafting a FontTextureImporter.

Ok. done some searching but all I have found are almost duplicates of what we have which is an importer that thinks you can use xml to import a bmp file.
Texture import may well work but having tried the one we have we still have the problem with the pipeline wanting to import a font description and process it. I am not even sure what a font description is or what it would be used for.
I have tried setting Importer to Textured and Description to No process required and that has at least gone through the pipeline process so will try the app to see if it can process the font file now.

Ok, using Texture as importer and no process for description resulted in the pipeline not producing the output ie an xnb and mgcontent file.
I will investigate why no mgcontent has been made as I have seen that working before.
At this time I have no idea where the mgcontent information comes from.
More info as soon as I have any.

OK. mgcontent files are build event files generated to help keep tabs of the pipeline process and should be deleted after the work has completed.
So that just leaves the question about why the Texture Importer did not produce an xnb file or if it did why the passthrough processor did not pass it through.

I’m a bit lost here. What are you trying to achieve exactly and what problems are you running into?

There is no SpriteFontImporter because you don’t import sprite fonts to create sprite fonts. The content pipeline is separated into 2 steps for a reason. The import step imports data and puts similar data in 1 format, the process step takes the result and produces a .xnb file.

Thanks for the response. Yes I was confused but now I am more enlightened. I did not select the correct option for each step.
For Sprite fonts from a bmp file I now select in the properties Texture Importer MonoGame and Font Texture MonoGame for Importer and Processor and that works fine.
No changes required for the MonoGame pipeline.

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