Pipeline Tool Bug

Version 3.4

I needed to create a new mgbc for a new game, (only my second monogame experiment) so I hit the shortcut I have in my quick launch bar and it opened up the last file I’d been working with. Ok, this is kind of expected.

I then selected File/New within the Pipeline tool, added the files needed for the new game and selected Save As from the File menu and saved the file in my game project folder.

I wanted to check I had all the settings correct so I then used File Explorer to open the old mgbc file only to find that it had been overwritten with the project I’d just created.

So, there is a bug somewhere in the save routines within the pipeline tool.

And yes, I’m sure I didn’t hit Save by accident. After creating a new project Save shouldn’t be available anyway, only Save As.

Another bug, but in the dev branch (version 3.5 too)
When I close de pipeline, pipeline.exe keeps running, and opening the project again launches another pipeline.exe.
So I have to close them with the taskmanager to avoid the computer being overwhelmed by ten or so pieplines running.
Config : Windows 7 + VS 2k13. Admin rights or not when opening the tool does the same.

I have noticed this as well. Will have to look into it.