Pipeline Tool - Missing NVTT.DLL

I had to reset my Win10 install and re-install VS2017, and now when I rebuild my project, I get a missing nvtt.dll error from the pipeline tool. I have opened an issue on this. Does anyone know where this dll comes from? Googling does not provide any useful results.

The specific error is:

Processor ‘TextureProcessor’ had unexpected failure!
System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load dll ‘nvtt’: The specified module could not be found.

FYI, this is with version


That’s NVidia texture tools IIRC. Don’t know why it could be missing though.

@Jjagg Thanks. It does appear to be the Nvidia Texture Tools… I think it’s looking for a module that nvtt depends on, since nvtt appears to be in the correct location.

Sometimes reinstalling monogame saves this kind of problems. (Especially when visual studio is building or whatever)

@Alkher reinstalling didn’t fix the problem. It was definitely related to some missing VC runtime dependencies. It seems there are other issues related to this problem. I believe they plan on statically linking to the dependencies to solve this (per the open issues).